R.P. Altork - The Mystery of the Second Coming

R.P. Altork - The Mystery of the Second Coming

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Título Del Ebooks: The Mystery of the Second Coming

Autor: R.P. Altork

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16.06.2019

Género: eBooks Kindle

El Tamaño De Archivo: 1.20MB

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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It is with extraordinary timeliness and vigor, that we are given a glimpse, with utter clarity, of the nature and meaning of Religion, as never before given, as well as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the eventual formation of the Kingdom of God on earth; already established around the world in its embryonic form. Here is described a Cause no amount of persecution or torment has been able to deter, or argument diminish. All these things and more, much more, that we may know and know with a certainty and see with our own inner and outward eyes, the creative force released, its Divine Source conclusively and for all time demonstrated and proven.Here also, is something utterly new and here-to-fore undisclosed; a clear course leading us out of the quagmire of chaos and despair into which civilization is sinking. This book may well be the first step of an adventure of a life time, slaying dragons of long held and generally accepted superstitions, myths and dogma; all treated with logic and reason and most importantly justice; as we are enabled thereby to see with our own eyes, and to understand with our own understanding, independent of anyone else’s.