U. C-Abel Books - Top 10 Browsers Keyboard Shortcuts: Volume 28

U. C-Abel Books - Top 10 Browsers Keyboard Shortcuts: Volume 28

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Título Del Ebooks: Top 10 Browsers Keyboard Shortcuts: Volume 28

Autor: U. C-Abel Books

Editor: U. C-Abel Books

Fecha de lanzamiento: 12.06.2019

Género: Informática, internet y medios digitales

ISBN: 9785463508

El Tamaño De Archivo: 2.20MB

Hoja de: 228

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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Take your browsing experience to the next level. Almost everybody who can open a web page thinks he knows internet operation. Some of these people end up embarrassing themselves during an interview. The truth is that internet operation is broad, learning it is not a day's business, nobody knows it all. The secret to success as far as internet operation is concerned is starting from somewhere and having the zeal to learn and improve always. Internet browsers come from different companies, are developed differently, programmed differently, and are used differently. For instance, the way Google Chrome is used is different from the way Explorer is used. Learn how to handle your browser in order to be more productive, efficient, and effective through the keyboard shortcuts and tips for the browsers listed on the cover of this book. What you should expect from this book. Navigation, Current Pages, Editing, Search Windows and Tabs, History, Bookmarks, Tools, PDF Viewer, Media Shortcuts, Developer Shortcuts, Text Keys, Loading Keys, Search, Display Modes, Zooming Keys, Page Keys, Link Keys, Spatial Key Shortcuts, Help Keys, Browser Settings, Form Keys, Text Editing, Single Key Shortcuts, Help Keys, Chat Keys Email Keys, Manager Pages, Focus Keys, Preferences, Panel Keys, Access, Print Preview, Miscellaneous, Print, and many more. Don’t wait until you are insulted or embarrassed for not knowing what you should know. It is better to prepare for an opportunity not met that meeting an opportunity not prepared for. Click "BUY" to start learning today.


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