Lee Frank W K - Environmental Principles And Ethics

Lee Frank W K - Environmental Principles And Ethics

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Título Del Ebooks: Environmental Principles And Ethics

Autor: Lee Frank W K

Editor: World Scientific

Fecha de lanzamiento: 11.06.2019

ISBN: 9812568387

El Tamaño De Archivo: 4.70MB

Hoja de: 232

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Lee Frank W K con Environmental Principles And Ethics Libros Gratis

This book with the accompanying field trip guide, aims to foster environmental literacy of non-science students and to train them to look at environment-related issues from a critical perspective. With these books, students will obtain knowledge on fundamental environmental ethics and the principles involved. They will be in a position to apply these ethical principles in debates on local and global environment-related issues.The issues covered in the book include natural science, resources management, food safety, public health, sustainable development, ecotourism, nature conservation and ecological footprint, as well as other current environment-related issues in Hong Kong and South China.The field trip guide aims to make use of the natural environment and other related premises as outdoor classrooms to illustrate the importance of conservation and environmental principles.Both books could be used as reference materials by academic institutions, non-profit organizations and government departments. They include practical educational materials on the life sciences and will help enhance readers' knowledge of the environment.