David F. Habecker - Otis and the Four Queens

David F. Habecker - Otis and the Four Queens

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Título Del Ebooks: Otis and the Four Queens

Autor: David F. Habecker

Editor: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Fecha de lanzamiento: 09.06.2019

Género: Literatura y ficción

El Tamaño De Archivo: 5.00MB

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

David F. Habecker con Otis and the Four Queens Gratis Libros

Vengeance Is Easy—Justice Comes HardOtis imagined himself a canoe on still water, gliding through life as a creature of the woods, but humanity would have none of it. As a boy, Otis saw the unintended curiosity of his initials, O.W.L., and a life-long affinity to this wise and stealthy hunter was born. He was a good student at school, and at the side of his grandfather who taught him the skills of a hunter and how to live a good life. As a Union soldier in the Civil War, his unique talents were valued by a colonel who mentored him in the law, while using him as a scout and assassin. Otis excelled in his duty, but was left traumatized and self-loathing. Retreating into the embrace of nature, he finds peace, only to be nearly killed by a powerful adversary who forces him back as the hunter and protector of those seeking justice. Vengeance is easy—justice comes hard; especially when the forces against you are many and varied. Otis executes a plan over two years which is clever, spooky, sometimes brutal, and very risky, but protects who he has come to love above life itself; two sets of sisters, one black, and one white, known as the Four Queens. Otis and the Four Queens is an intelligent tale mixing mystery, terror, humor, religion, history, and unexpected love; all the ingredients for a darn good story. Enjoy!