J. G. McBreen - The Hockey Detective

J. G. McBreen - The Hockey Detective

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Título Del Ebooks: The Hockey Detective

Autor: J. G. McBreen

Fecha de lanzamiento: 05.06.2019

Género: eBooks Kindle

El Tamaño De Archivo: 7.50MB

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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Twelve-year-old Logan Michaud is devastated when his father, a former star in the Canadian Junior Hockey League, is killed in a tragic car accident on a snowy, winter night. Logan and his mom move to West Bend, Illinois to be closer to his grandparents and he hopes to make a fresh start with a new school and a new hockey team. But hockey in the United States is much more expensive than it was in Canada and he’s not sure his mom can afford to pay the steep hockey fees. When Logan fails to show up at hockey tryouts, some of the local Pee Wee players accuse him of thinking he’s too good to play for the West Bend Warriors. Then there’s the matter of the suspicious goings-on at a nearby auto repair shop. Why are shady looking guys dropping off expensive sports cars in the middle of the night, he wonders? With his faithful dog, Joker, by his side, Logan plays detective and tries to solve the mystery in his neighborhood as he struggles to find a way to continue playing the sport he loves so much. An exciting, action-packed story for anyone, from age 8 to 80, who loves the game of hockey.