D.C.D. Happold - The Mammals Of Nigeria

D.C.D. Happold - The Mammals Of Nigeria

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Título Del Ebooks: The Mammals Of Nigeria

Autor: D.C.D. Happold

Editor: Clarendon Press

Fecha de lanzamiento: 26.08.2018

Género: Ciencias, tecnología y medicina

ISBN: 0198575653

El Tamaño De Archivo: 6.60MB

Hoja de: 402

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

D.C.D. Happold con The Mammals Of Nigeria Libros Gratis

"The Mammals of Nigeria" is an account of Nigeria's 250 mammal species. The first of its two parts describes each species in detail: their distribution, identification, status, ecology, reproduction and taxonomy. Keys are provided for easy identification of all species. The second part considers the ecological relationships of Nigerian mammals. Four chapters describe the mammalian communities of the four major vegetation zones - rain forest, Guinea savanna, Sudan savanna, and Sahel savanna - and show how selected species of mammals interact with their environment. The final chapters consider zoogeographical patterns and ecological trends, and the many interactions between humans and mammals. The book concludes with a gazetteer, and lists the occurrence of "Nigerian" mammals throughout West Africa.


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