Richard Brinsley Sheridan - The School For Scandal

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - The School For Scandal

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Título Del Ebooks: The School For Scandal

Autor: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Editor: Dover Publications Inc.

Fecha de lanzamiento: 16.08.2018

Género: Literatura y ficción

ISBN: 0486266877

El Tamaño De Archivo: 7.40MB

Hoja de: 96

Idioma: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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Often called the best comedy of manners in English, and one of the most produced of all theater classics, this delightful play displays Sheridan's mastery of the mechanics of stage comedy, his flair for witty dialogue, and his delight in skewering the affectation and pretentiousness of aristocratic Londoners of the 1770s.